Loving Policies

What You Need To Know:

Hi Pet Parents!

Here are my Loving Policies! Please Read Carefully!

Services & Pricing:

All The services and pricing are custom depending on your pets needs. When referencing Elizabeth's Loving Pet Care to family, Friends, neighbors & acquaintances I ask you please do not discuss what the cost is for your pet(s) services. The next client's pet may have different needs & require different responsibilities on our part, so pricing may vary. I absolutely LOVE referrals and I Reward my clients for them too! I thank you in advance for referring Elizabeth's Loving Pet Care!

Update Pricing & Hours: Effective March 1, 2022

Elizabeth’s Loving Pet Care regular business hours are:

Monday thru Friday: 9am - 5pm

These Regular Hours are our standard Pricing.

Before/After Business these Hours will result in an increase in the rate of services:

****Before 9 am or after 5 pm & Weekends*****

*Price increase will depend on location. The increase will range between $5.00-$10.00. This is to cover for gas & time.

Loving Policies:

ELPC has the loving policy that NO pet shall be ignored! Even if the visit is specifically designated for a particular pet. For example, the visit is to walk the dog, yet there are cats in the home. If one of the animals happened to look unusual, sick, or injured that pet will be given proper attention to the situation at hand. Thus, the responsibility of that pet would now be of my concern during that visit. So accordingly, on the next invoice there may be the additional pet fee.

In Home Pet Sitting, Covid-19, & Other Protocols:

During the time of Covid-19 Pandemic, we have learned some good safe cleaning practices that are here to stay. We kindly ask that you clean & sanitize all surfaces before we enter your home. At the end of our stay, before you come home (In Home Pet Sitting ONLY); all surfaces will be wiped down, sheets will be stripped from the bed and placed in the washing machine & the trash will be disposed of in it's designated area.

Fragrance Free for Meet n’ Greets, Day of Service & Overnight Stays:

Due to Elizabeth’s & some of her staff, we ask you please, please do not have strong fragrances in your home at the time we are there or right before. We appreciate you wanting your home to smell nice while we are there but a lot of fragrances can cause asthma attacks & allergy flare ups.

Irritants include but not limited to: Cigarette smoke, Candles (BBW or Yankee Candle & many others), wall plugs, EVEN oil diffusers, wax burners, scented automatic air purifiers/spritzers, anything from Scentsy Co., Febreze & other aerosols.

Elizabeth's Staff Guidelines: NO ONE is allowed in your home other than your pet sitter! No spouses, family members, friends, acquaintances, etc. Only your Pet Sitter(s) whom you met is allowed in your home at the time of service. If you have any other services or people coming to your home while they are there please let us know. Elizabeth Highly values the safety of her staff. We appreciate you telling us in advance. Also, Sitters know that smoking of any kind of cigarettes', vaping, tobacco chewing, etc is prohibited in or around your home.

Daily Dog Walks: Our walks are 20-25 minutes depending on the needs of the dog(s). Actual walk times may vary depending on Florida's Heat! The pavement in FL gets very hot very quickly, so we stay considerate of your pups paw pads. Walks also consist of play time, feedings, their water being refreshed & if needed time to clean up messes. Extreme messes are subject to an extra fee in some cases. For instance, Your pet had the runs of #2 all over the home and extra time was need to clean carpets & tile.

Cats: When we have cats in our care we have the Loving Policy we must see the cats every 24 hours, No Exceptions & no shared visits with neighbors or family members. This is so that we can provided the highest level of care to your fur babies. There have been many scenarios in the Professional Pet Sitting world by not having this policy in place that the pets have suffered. We want to ensure your pets are healthy & happy when you return!

Transparency: ELPC likes to be transparent and leave no room for surprises. Please if you have any questions, feel free to ask Elizabeth the (Owner). If you have questions or concerns Please call, text or email. Phone: 980-244-9095 Email: Elizabethslovingpetcare@gmail.com

During our visits, we take photos and videos of your pet(s) and send them to you. These photos may also be used in my advertising on social media & my website. Your personal info will NEVER be used such as your address to protect you, myself & my staff. I always ask for the Pet Parents permission first before ever posting photos of your pets.

Video Cameras & Audio Devices: we assume EVERY home has them! We require you to let us know where cameras are placed in or around the home. If a video was inappropriately taken of ELPC Staff member proper legal action will be taken.

"The general rule of thumb regarding video surveillance across the U.S. is that you’re allowed to record surveillance video in public so long as there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy. Places where an individual has a reasonable expectation of complete privacy include:

  • Bathrooms

  • Shower areas

  • Bedrooms

  • Changing room

(Generally, it's legal to record surveillance video using a hidden camera in your business or property without the consent of those you're recording. However, the recording of audio is restricted by the Federal Wiretap Act, a law that imposes civil and criminal liabilities for intentionally recording communications.)" For your reference a link to Video/Audio laws has been provided for you: https://www.cctvsecuritypros.com/blog/surveillance-camera-laws-for-business-property-owners/#:~:text=Generally%2C%20it's%20legal%20to%20record,liabilities%20for%20intentionally%20recording%20communications

Payment: ELPC is proud to be a paperless company! We love to save trees! That being said, we accept CC/debit that is processed through Stripe by Time to Pet. The invoice is sent to your email & can also be found in your profile here on Time to Pet. We do not accept Checks of any kind. For your first week of Daily Dog walks, Cat Visits, or for In Home Pet Sitting your invoice will be sent to you immediately. The invoice must be paid before you leave or before your first weeks of regular services are to be rendered; this also goes for In Home Pet Sitting. I do not accept split payments (i.e half card/half cash, no half before services & remainder afterwards) You must pay in FULL before you leave for vacation/& first week of Regular Dog walks. No payment, No Services. Period.

(Please Read Below Carefully!!!)

*Cancellation Policy: For In Home Pet Sitting & Cat Visits: If for any reason your trip gets cancelled we have a 50% cancellation fee of the services that were to be rendered. Cancellations must be done One Week in advance to avoid a fee.

For daily Dog Walks: Cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance of the service to be rendered. Otherwise, the service will be charged full price! This is because designated times and days have been held specifically for you. Therefore, other potential clients may get declined services because ELPC is a 1st come 1st served basis run business.

Refunds: I do not offer Refunds. Under certain circumstances, I may offer a credit to your account for future visits. This option is ONLY for established clients. I do not offer credits to 1st time clients. If you come home from vacation early please be advised that you have already reserved my time or one my pet sitters time. Other potential clients may have been denied because you have already put your $ on that day or time slot.

For Regular Daily Dog Walks: Canceling a Daily Dog Walk must be done 24 hours in advance. Canceling the same day will result in a full payment for that day. To reiterate, other potential clients may get declined services because ELPC is a 1st come 1st served basis run business.

Tips: Tips are a great way to show your appreciation for our loving services! If your heart inclines you to leave tips or gifts for your Pet Sitter, you may do so through your invoice, Cash or gift cards. We really appreciate your generosity! Thank you in Advance!

**Peak Season** Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years (and some other Major Holidays & Snow bird Season- Dec- March) - Please be advised that during Peak seasons your requested preferred times we will try our best to honor. During these times, the travel time it takes to get to each job is significantly greater due to high volume of traffic, accidents on the highways, etc. Your patience is greatly appreciated while we try to fulfill everyone's requests. We value Communication and we will contact you the day of or a few hours in advance for the initial visit. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or recommendations please direct them to Elizabeth the Owner. You can message right here through the Time to Pet application or contact Elizabeth directly. Her Phone # is provided here for you: Elizabeth's Phone 980-244-9095. Calls & messages will be addressed between the hours of 8am -7pm 7 days a week. Your satisfaction with our services is Elizabeth's priority!

By your E-signature in Our Contract in Time to Pet, you are agreeing that you have read & acknowledge all ELPC's policies, procedures and pricing rates. You understand that service time frames provided may vary from day to day depending on weather conditions (extremely hot temps, rainy weather), responsibilities at the time of service can change (i.e. dog goes #2 prior to Sitter's arrival); extra time to clean is now required) as well as pricing for services can change without any warning to you. ELPC tries their very best to be consistent, considerate & communicative with their clients. When you sign our contract with your E-signature it signifies you understand you have the responsibility to let ELPC of any changes you may have to potentially avoid cancellation fees otherwise you ARE obligated to pay the cancellation fees.

Thank you for choosing Elizabeth's Loving Pet Care to love & care for your pets!

Welcome to the Fur Family!